Commercial Real Estate

Our mission is to empower CRE professionals with the data and tools they need to make the best decisions about who occupies commercial space.

Our Story

A match made in Peckham

Leo and Mike met in a busy candle-lit office. OK, it was electrically-lit. There were no candles. But it was busy. Both worked for a commercial property company that transformed under-used city areas into spaces where exciting independent businesses could thrive.

Their projects generated plenty of interest from emerging commercial operators which, whilst exhilarating, was also unbearably time-consuming. Both soon came to the same realisation:

Tenants rarely know what they want, or what they need, when it comes to space for their business.

How did this manifest itself? The periodic “I need shop” email, never-ending games of cat-and-mouse chasing down enquiries, and unmanageable spreadsheets that didn’t give the full picture required to truly evaluate those prospective tenants.

Turns out, they weren’t the only ones with this problem.

And so Qualifyr was born – the smart tenant sourcing system for commercial real estate.